Films and sheets


Brand Selection for your
films & sheets applications

Clean Xpress logo
  • For Blown & Cast Films
  • Ease the cleaning step in continous (color or material changeover) or discontinuous process (dismantling)
  • Compatible with commodity resins (Polyolefins, Polystyrene, PVC) and engineering resins (PA 6, EVOH, PC …)
  • Combinable products – clean your multilayer structures such as Barrier Films & coextruded structures
Flow Xpress logo
  • Polymer Processing Aids in masterbatch (Die Build-up Reduction) for Polyolefin films:
    • PE in blown films up to 240°C
    • PE in cast films at high T° (up to 300°C)
    • BOPP & CPP film production
PW logo
  • For Polyethylene Stretch Films or Polyolefin Films requesting temporary adhesion
  • PW 60 – The reference for Silage film / Bale-Wrapping.
  • Using Liquid PIB in Silage Film ? Boost Peel performances with PW S
  • PW 70 – High Value Grade for Pallet Wrapping and Food Wrapping. Can be supplied with antifog masterbatch upon request
SW logo
  • For Polyethylene & Polypropylene Shrink & Stretch Films
  • End markets: Food & Beverage ; Pallet & Industrial films ; Surface Protection ; Agricultural Films …
  • Additives in masterbatch:
    • Antiblocks & Slip / high quality references
    • Antifog for Polyethylene films – Cold Fog and Freezing Applications
    • UV Barrier properties for PE film vs UV-A and UV-B rays.