The purging step

Clean Xpress® is recognized as THE purging compound range for extrusion & injection molding. Its broad grade portfolio can clean many (polymer & additive) productions and is easy to adapt to your process.

A world of cling effects

PW® cling masterbatch range is based on Polyisobutylen technology and is designed to produce stretch films from LLDPE, LDPE or other polyolefins for palletwrap, silagewrap and foodwrap applications.

Productivity Boosters

Flow Xpress® range delivers productivity boosters for Polyolefin production such as Processing Aid Masterbatches for PE & PP - standard & high T° ; and Viscosity modifiers for PP - improving melt flow of ongoing productions.

Surface modification masterbatches

SW® is the Surface Modification product range delivering surface properties to polymer films. It does include antilbocks ; slip agents ; antifogs ; anti-UV masterbatches.

Lightweighting solution

XW® is a blowing masterbatch containing a high level of a blowing agent in a LDPE or EVA carrier. This product is mainly used for insulation in polyethylene and PVC, in many markets such as cable industry. It allows to decrease the density of the final product.

3D Printing

Olesteel 3D® is a polyolefin compound with high mechanical properties that does not affect the printability of the part. It can be used in FDM form by making a request via our local partner (on demand).

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Polytechs Since 1980

Worldwidely known Specialty Compounds & Masterbatches dedicated to the polymer conversion industry

Clean Xpress logo
The purging compound range for Extrusion
& Injection Molding
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Polymer Processing Aids
& Viscosity Modifiers
PW logo
The Cling Masterbatch
SW logo
Surface modification masterbatches for film industry
XW logo
Lightweighting solutions
Specialty compounds for 3D Printing / direct extrusion
Polytechs Products cleaned screw
Polytechs Products cling film
Polytechs Products wires and cables
Polytechs Products 3D Printing

Polytechs Products

Polytechs is an innovative, France-based family-run company celebrating forty years in existence in 2020 and with a production capacity of 30,000 tonnes. Polytechs has international capabilities and is supported by more than 40 distributors worldwide displaying its services & products like its toll-manufacturing services Polytechs Solutions, and its specialty masterbatch range Polytechs Products.

Using a model based on the 4Is (Investment, Innovation, International, Independence), the Normandy-based company, with 160 employees, invested in 2018 €7.5 million in a new production machine to strenghten its new reactive extrusion offering – but also to increase its storage capacity via two new warehouses. Furthermore, Polytechs continuously invests on R&D work – spending 8 to 12% of its benefits each year – in order to deliver to the market new products that match with unmet or future market needs – focusing mainly on surface modification and productivity topics.

These two domains are the main pillars of Polytechs Products Offering. The Surface Modification offers is serviced by the product brands PW – cling masterbatches – and SW – specialty effects for polyolefin surfaces like antifogging. The Productivity topic is deserved by Clean Xpress brand – purging compound range – and Flow Xpress products – Polymer Processing Aid masterbatches for PE and Viscosity modifier masterbatch for PP. They are completed by two other categories – XW or Lightweighting solutions (such as blowing agents) – and Olesteel 3D – a platform of tailor-made compounds for 3D printing applications.

Discover Polytechs

Today Polytechs is divided into two distinct activities, Polytechs Solutions® with solution provider of formulations and processes, and tool compounding service in extrusion and compaction. The second activities is Polytechs Products® for surface modification masterbatch with the product gamme PW, SW, WX. For productivity and processes masterbatch with Clean Xpress and Flow Xpress, and 3D market with Olesteel 3D.

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