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You will find below the different families of Polytechs Products.
These include productivity boosters, surface modification, lightweighting solution and 3D printing.

Productivity boosters

Thanks to its two brands – Clean Xpress and Flow Xpress – Polytechs is proud to support the polymer industry In their daily production tasks by offering them productivity boosters such as Purging compounds (to solve material and color changeovers or speed up maintenance operations), Polymer Processing Aid Masterbatches (to remove melt fracture and avoid fast Build-Up Deposits at the end of the Die) or Viscosity Modifiers for Polypropylene grades (modification of the MFI).

Polytechs Products cleaned screw
Polytechs Products cling film
Surface modification masterbatch

Surface modification

As a legacy of its broad knowledge and know-how of masterbatch production, Polytechs has kept the best-in-class solutions in term of surface modification effects to ensure delivering whether specialty effects such as cling/adhesive (via PW brand) or antifog properties as well as high quality consistency masterbatches such as antiblock and slip solutions. While the PW brand focuses on cling properties, SW brand gathers all surface modification masterbatches or customer’s request on that field – a toolbox for each and every polymer film producer!


XW brand represents the state of art of Polytechs in term of handling exothermic and endothermic solutions dedicated to blowing effect in polymers. It does find its main application in lightweighting applications such as Wires & Cables, Insulation Panels …

Polytechs Products wires and cables
tubes big
3D printing polymer


The last pillar of Polytechs Products – an exploratory platform where Polytechs has already develop unique compounding solutions for 3D printing. Main focus is to serve the Direct Extrusion process.