Surface modification

Surface modification

As a legacy of its broad knowledge and know-how of masterbatch production, Polytechs has kept the best-in-class solutions in term of surface modification effects to ensure delivering whether specialty effects such as cling/adhesive (via PW brand) or antifog properties as well as high quality consistency masterbatches such as antiblock and slip solutions. While the PW brand focuses on cling properties, SW brand gathers all surface modification masterbatches or customer’s request on that field – a toolbox for each and every polymer film producer!

Surface modification masterbatch
PW logo
SW logo

PW – Cling Masterbatch

Since the 90’s, Polytechs is the unique producer of PW range, the worldwide cling masterbatch reference. For over 30 years, Polytechs has produced these specialty grades, including the famous PW 60, with the highest possible quality & consistency.

Recognized by industry peers & end-market users for its performances / end-effects, PW is the choice of high quality & performances, whatever your market is Silage Stretch film, Pallet Stretch Film, Food Stretch Film…


SW – Antiblock & Antifog

SW is the Surface Modification product range delivering surface properties to polymer films. It does include antilbocks ; slip agents ; antifogs ; anti-UV masterbatches.

Logo SW AB, the grade of SW, brand of Polytechs

Antiblocking agents

Logo SW AF, the grade of SW, brand of Polytechs

Antifog masterbatches

Logo SW Anti-UV, the grade of SW, brand of Polytechs